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“Caring, Friendly, Knowledgable Natural Health Consultants”

Peter Balogh ND



Lee Teusner


Natural Health Consultant


Certified Health & Nutrition Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, Natural Health Consultant


Natural Health Consultant


Junior Natural Health Consultant

Suzannah Smart

Accredited Practicing Dietitian B.Hlth.Sc.(Nut & Diet)

Go Vita Tanunda health shop has been serving its community since 1974.

In the early days it was a one man operation until the 1990s when naturopath Peter Balogh established his consulting practice in the clinic of the business.

When the opportunity to buy the business arose, Pete instinctively knew he had to be the next owner – and only the third in its now, 40-plus year history.

Pete has always had an affinity for natural health, having a deep and abiding interest in alternative treatments from an early age.

Lee Teusner, Pete’s partner in life and in business has also spent many years developing her knowledge and an ongoing enthusiasm for natural health as a career and in her everyday life.

Together, Pete and Lee have built Go Vita Tanunda as the vehicle through which they can drive their common desire to help others achieve and maintain good health.

Their passion, energy and focused commitment gave them the foundation for building a business that is highly equipped to serve its community … and, with enthusiastic, equally passionate and knowledgeable staff is now so much more than the one man operation it began as.