Body Science for Women

Finally females have access to a delicious guilt free shaping protein and low carb snacks that will have you looking and feeling great. These adaptable protein products can be used in any situation from having a light meal to replenishing your body after a workout.


Women specific shaping protein.
Re-fuelling your body with protein and specific nutrients after you workout is essential for your recovery and metabolism. Fuel your Body with the ultimate shaping protein, Body for Women.
Body for women is the guilt free female shaping protein in a high-energy, low-calorie meal supplement ideal for the health conscious female.
Unfortunately many Australian females don’t have time to be healthy. In-between checking emails, heading to meetings, catching up with friends and getting the kids to school, you can be hard pushed to stick to a sensible eating plan. We understand your busy lifestyle so you need a nutritional product that can keep up with this lifestyle.

500g Tubs


Body Science Shaping Formula for Women

is a natural weight loss supplement specifically formulated to support metabolism and nutrient requirements during weight loss programs. Designed to directly enhance your weight loss efforts, this is the ultimate nutrient system for the active woman. Weight loss diets are often low in essential nutrients and minerals including, calcium (low calcium levels can slow the breakdown of fats and decrease calorie burning) and iron (low iron levels can decrease exercise capacity and may reduce metabolic rate). Body Science Shaping Formula for Women supplies essential nutrients and minerals as well as a therapeutic dose of Green Tea, a clinically proven phytonutrient.


Body Lo Carb Protein Bar

Finally – a protein bar that’s just for the girls. Body Lo Carb Bar is designed to make the lives of busy, social, multi-tasking ladies a little easier, giving you a satisfying snack with Vitamins & Fat Metabolisers, and one less task to tick off the to-do list.


Body Lo Carb Protein Bites

Body Bites were developed by leading Australian nutrition-ists with one major goal in mind: ‘Provide health conscious females with the tools to make healthier eating choices’. Our low calorie, high protein Body Bites provide quick and easy snacks options to help control your appetite between meals.


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