Diabetes – A Worldwide Epidemic

It’s a sad fact that the total number of people with diabetes in Australia is growing, and further increases are expected over the next decade. It is estimated that about 16% of our youths aged 12 – 19 have pre-diabetes!

Projections and Diabetic TrendsDiabetes was relatively rare 200 years ago;Type 1 is now twice as common among children as it was in the 1980s and five times greater than after World War II.

Epidemiologists say the incidence of Type 1 diabetes is 1000% higher than it was 100 years ago. How can this be true if genetics are responsible? Human genes don’t change that rapidly, but our lifestyle and environment certainly have.

Some experts attribute diabetes to obesity, others say it’s our modern sedentary lifestyle, and these theories are correct, in part…. rarely does the system place responsibility on the addictive foods you’ve been taught to crave, you believe they are a safe part of your diet. What many are unaware of is how damaging they are for your health and how they constitute a causal link to this terrible disease.


I wonder why I have Diabetes!

The global pandemic of Type 2 and pre-diabetes is caused directly by our modern diet and it’s highly processed, high carbohydrate/low nutrient, refined and metabolism distressing foods. Foods that are consumed everyday containing ingredients such as high-fructose corn syrup, trans fats, refined vegetable oils and artificial sweeteners.

Factor in the catastrophic absence of high fibre, nutrient dense whole foods – fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and beans, and humanely raised, hormone free meat, eggs, fish and dairy products – and you have the perfect recipe for diabetes.

Plenty of scientific research proves that both pre-diabetes and Type 2 can be improved with a few simple diet and lifestyle modifications.

The reality is that losing just 5 – 10% of one’s weight can reduce the risk of diabetes by 58%!

By simply adding walking to your daily routine cuts the risk of developing pre-diabetes significantly and just a 20-minute daily walk lengthens the life of a diabetic by an average of 39%.

A Duke University Medical School Study found that Type 2 diabetics who reduced their consumption of carbohydrates achieved better blood sugar control and more effective weight loss than those on a typical calorie restricted diet.

It’s simple – if you cut the carbohydrates, your blood sugar goes down and you lose weight, which lowers your blood sugar even further. It’s a one-two punch!

Given the amount of time needed for adequate patient education and ongoing support and motivation, the preference for a quick fix involving drugs may seem far more convenient.

Your health is your responsibility, not your doctor’s.


Visit our Naturopath, learn how to manage your health problems.

Naturopathy empowers you to use education. You may be able to significantly improve your diagnosis, step by step you’ll learn how to balance your blood sugar, lose the weight that aggravates your condition, protect yourself from complications and lengthen your life.

Peter Balogh, Naturopath at Go Vita Tanunda and Go Vita Fairview Green can help you to discover exactly how to achieve this goal. Can you fix the past harm done? Absolutely!


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