Introduction of Go Magazine

365 new days … 365 new chances!

If 2016 didn’t go as planned for achieving your health and fi tness goals, then make sure that 2017 is different! You have 365 chances to eat better, exercise more and become a better version of you than you were last year! Go Vita health consultants are on hand at your local Go Vita to help with your health and wellness journey. And through Go magazine, we aim to bring you articles that inspire you to make changes that will result in positive health outcomes. This issue make sure you read Kale Brock’s (and yes that is his real name!) expose on the gut brain connection, as he rightly points out thousands of years ago Hippocrates, ‘All disease begins in the gut.’ Today this statement is still true, and starting 2017 with a focus on your gut health, might just have the added benefi ts of reducing anxiety and boosting your mood!


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