Classical Homeopathy comes from a vitalistic tradition of treating illness, which believes that every living thing contains a vital force (aka chi, prana, energy). Your vital force is the energy that excites your emotions, colour your cheeks and puts sparkle in your eyes. Homeopathy sees your vitality as an expression of your wellness and the power of your vital force as the key.

When your vital force is imbalanced it manifests as emotional and/or physical symptoms unique to your susceptibility. That’s why you may tend to get colds while someone else tends to get urinary infections and while someone else tends to not get as much physical symptoms as become depressed more easily.

Homeopathy treats the energetic cause of illness and has found that using the energetic form of a substance will stimulate the healing of a condition much faster than using the material form of that substance.

Treating people with a similar condition with the same basic medication can be problematic. Everyone is unique and expresses conditions in their own unique way. Some people want to be alone when they’re not feeling well and others want company. Just that simple difference would mean that the remedy for each would be different. Individualisation of the remedy to the specifics of the person’s problem is key to homeopathy. Each different person will benefit from different remedies because we are all unique.

It’s the matching of the homeopathic prescription to the unique manifestation of your symptoms that will make using homeopathic remedies work for you.

Your body has a brilliant inner intelligence that knows exactly what to do to heal once the blocks to it are gone. Homeopathy can help to remove the blocks to your body and mind’s innate healing ability.

Homeopathy’s goal is to heal. Homeopathy treats the cause as well as the symptoms. Without treating the cause, healing is impossible. The cause is the imbalance of your vital force, which then leads to the symptoms creating the “dis-ease.”

Homeopathy’s success comes from its ability to stimulate your vital force and in the process, you regain optimal health.

Homeopathic remedies are generally made from natural plant, animal or mineral sources. The resulting medicines are very safe. Since homeopathic remedies work on the vital force they can be used in combination with conventional medications.

The best defence against illness is a strong constitution. Your constitution is what makes you catch a cold when another person exposed to the same germs stays healthy. Constitutional prescribing is geared at strengthening your constitution so that you will be less likely to get sick.

Illness, trauma and loss create changes in our vital force (energy field) that result in unique states of our mind and body. That’s why individualisation of the remedy to your state is the only way you will get the optimal response from homeopathic remedies.


“The information and advice provided by the Practitioners at Go Vita Tanunda is not intended as a substitute for medical advice. Any person suffering from conditions requiring medical attention, or who have symptoms that concern them, should consult their GP.
Our services are ideal for the individual who is proactive and prevention minded.
The Outcome Is to Bring the Body into Optimal Balance”

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