Live Blood Analysis

Live and Dry Blood Analysis is a unique method of examining and analysing Live and Dry Blood under a microscope. It allows you to see in detail the true state of your health live on a computer screen. It can show you what your blood cells look like, explain what it means, and teach you how the different formations affect your health.

Live blood Analysis shows information about your blood to see the state of the blood cells, the quality of red and white blood cells, and the spaces between cells. It will give you will have an accurate snapshot of your health.

Dried blood shows even more information. The culmination of your health over your lifetime is expressed in your blood. It represents your past, your present, and your probable future. Who wouldn’t want to know this invaluable information?

Blood tests are performed in the presence of the patient and all indications observed are discussed, along with their implications, with the you during the testing procedure.

Your blood cells will determine how healthy you are. This analysis can reveal your~

  • Blood Cell Integrity
  • The nutritional status of your blood
  • Digestive Health
  • Liver and General Organ Health
  • Hydration Levels
  • Any inflammatory processes
  • Status of your immune System
  • Toxin and antioxidant levels


“The information and advice provided by the Practitioners at Go Vita Tanunda is not intended as a substitute for medical advice. Any person suffering from conditions requiring medical attention, or who have symptoms that concern them, should consult their GP.
Our services are ideal for the individual who is proactive and prevention minded.
The Outcome Is to Bring the Body into Optimal Balance”

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