Natural health care and beauty products

Natural Health Care and Beauty Products and the Spirit of Being a Woman

A lot of us slip between being a glamour girl and our everyday organic selves.

There is something fabulous about wandering through the beauty counters in the big Department stores that feels feminine and indulgent, although these days, for us, it feels more like toxic overload than indulgent!

Back when we were younger, we were lovers of the most fancied and indulgent beauty products, from Maybelline to Dior. We were young cosmetic addicts, on a quest for clear skin, delightful smells, becoming a real grown-up woman via the transformation we desired and the result that make-up promised.

Cosmetics and skin care products are part of what is to be a woman. They allow us daily creativity, a feminine rite of passage! They may help us to feel that we are taking care of ourselves. In a way, it’s sort of like an expression of self to indulge in the scents, the creams, the powders, the liners, the colours, the idea!

Looking back, we had no idea the products that we were using on our skin made our torturous acne and hormonal problems worse. It’s only when we learned about and transitioned to clean, organic brands, that we finally witnessed the most glowing versions of ourselves. And we didn’t have to give up our beloved makeup!

It’s powerful seeing the gorgeous model gaze down like a goddess from the Chanel counter. Cara Delevinge with her edgy, dark looks daring you from Yves Saint Laurent or Charlize Theron hypnotizing you from Dior.
They radiate the power of women with confidence, women who take care of themselves.

While the flawless women who stare at us from cosmetic advertising may inspire us, if we embrace the self-love message beyond the superficial pursuit of perfection, it’s possible to see the whole pantomime of mainstream cosmetic marketing from a different perspective. We can take responsibility for our self-love and self-care protocols.

But, mainstream product marketing, unfortunately, does not alert us to health-harmful chemicals. It does not send out alarms to warn us of the fact that by using their products we are exposing ourselves to endocrine disruption (severe or slight hormonal disturbances), allergens, pollutants and very nasty toxic ingredients.

Whilst we believe in ‘moderation’, and may indulge a quick spray of a favourite perfume when occasion calls, the illusion of flawlessness from such harmful products is a treacherous one.

The inspirational Coco Chanel was quoted saying “A woman should be two things, Classy and Fabulous” We should be proud of wanting to take care of ourselves and investing in our confidence as women.

More and more our natural beauty role models are becoming famous for promoting products that are natural, ethically sound and positive for our physical health as well as our self-image. These women are opening doors toward meaningful changes in the beauty industry.

Advocating the nurturing aspect of enhancing our appearance is important to our team at GoVita Tanunda. We should not merely be chasing vanity in the pursuit of the perfection. We should be thinking a little deeper into what beauty products we use, and investing in brands that reflect our devotion to health focused beauty.

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