The Unexpected Benefits of Going to a Naturopath

The human body is an amazing thing. It is made up of about 200 kinds of cells, each with a job to perform. Cells form the tissue of your beating heart, the hormones that control your moods, and the chemicals that trigger thoughts in your brain. Trillions of cells are performing processes during every second of your life.

Whenever something causes these processes to become unbalanced, the body no longer performs to precision. You may feel specific symptoms or an overall feeling of not being well. A naturopath uses natural resources to help the body restore balance so that you can achieve optimal health. These “resources” often include herbs, but they also extend to meditation, counselling, and other alternative treatments.

The Role of the Naturopath

A natural health provider, or naturopath, has in-depth knowledge of the tools he uses. This knowledge includes an understanding of natural resources such as herbs, and their innate properties. A skilled naturopath has a strong desire to improve the way you feel in body, mind, and spirit. He understands the impact that your physical, mental, and emotional symptoms have on your life.

Prevention is also a large part of naturopathy. The naturopath can look at the morphology of your blood or your genetics to assess your risk for health conditions in the future. He takes a more personalised approach to determining the types of treatments and therapies you need to achieve your best health and general well-being in both the present and the future.

What a Naturopath Can Do for You

Naturopathy is often used to complement medical treatment for chronic conditions. It may also lead to relief for symptoms of common conditions like allergies, food intolerances, digestive disorders, skin disorders, and stress. These conditions are often difficult to pinpoint. While most are not life-threatening, the symptoms you live with each day can greatly affect every area of your health and keep you from enjoying activities that are important to you.

The Dangers of Self-Diagnosis

Some of the conditions that cause a loss of well-being require some trial and error to detect. Many conditions cause similar symptoms in spite of being quite different from one another. This is why self-diagnosis is never a good idea, especially if you are already on medications. Making a wrong assumption or mixing homemade remedies or OTC medications with prescription medications can result in serious complications. Instead, you should put your care into the hands of a knowledgeable and experienced naturopath who knows how to find the best solutions for you.

What to Look for in a Naturopath

There are many levels of naturopathic care providers with varying areas of study. Some of the most important features to look for in a naturopath are training, experience, and the areas of specialty that pertain to naturopathic treatment.

Peter Balogh N.D. more than meets the criteria as a safe and trusted naturopath. He is a certified homeopath with an advanced diploma of nutritional medicine, diploma of natural science which includes herbal medicine, and an advanced diploma of nutritional medicine.

Pete has been providing compassionate care for more than twenty years. He has built a successful practice and the variety of services he offers continues to grow.

The Spirit of Being a Woman

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A lot of us slip between being a glamour girl and our everyday organic selves.
There is something fabulous about wandering through the beauty counters in the big Department stores that feels feminine and indulgent.

When we were younger, we were lovers of the most fancied beauty products. We were young cosmetic addicts, on a quest for clear skin, delightful smells, becoming a real grown-up woman through the transformation that make-up promised.

Cosmetics and skin care products are part of what is to be a woman. They allow us daily creativity, a feminine rite of passage!

In a way, it’s like an expression of self to indulge in the scents, the creams, the powders, the liners, the colours, the idea!

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It’s powerful seeing the gorgeous models gaze down like a goddess from the Department store cosmetic counter. Watching the edgy, dark looks of the model daring you to be different on TV, or the sparkling temptress hypnotizing you from the Brand advertised in your favourite magazine.
They radiate the power of women with confidence.

While the flawless women who stare at us from cosmetic advertising may inspire us, if we embrace the self-love message beyond the superficial pursuit of perfection, it’s possible to see the whole charade of mainstream cosmetic marketing from a different perspective.

But, mainstream product marketing, unfortunately, does not alert us to health-harmful chemicals. It does not send out alarms to warn us of the fact that by using their products we are exposing ourselves to endocrine disruption (severe or slight hormonal disturbances), allergens, pollutants and very nasty toxic ingredients.

The number of women who trust the illusion of flawlessness from such harmful products is a real concern.

More and more our natural beauty role models are becoming famous for promoting products that are natural, ethically sound and positive for our physical health as well as our self-image. These women are opening doors toward meaningful changes in the beauty industry.

We should be proud of wanting to take care of ourselves and investing in our confidence as natural beauties!