Urine and Saliva Analysis

This analysis is a tool that we use to measure residues and components of samples of urine and saliva to assist us in designing a program to help you achieve optimal health.

From this we can get an indication of your oxygen levels and available energy, see how effectively nutrients are absorbed, the balance of electrolytes and gauge your body’s need for water, get an indication of how well protein is being broken down in the small intestine and how much putrefactive waste is being absorbed, irregularities in the PH of saliva can be a major cause of weight gain or the inability to gain weight.

Saliva Sampling

Saliva Sampling

In addition to the above we can also screen for infections in the body, liver deficiencies, bacterial infection, kidney problems, digestion problems, energy imbalances and dietary concerns.

This analysis programme gives a very accurate assessment of the way in which your body is functioning. From this assessment a series of steps that are individually tailored to you can be recommended to help you bring your body into balance.

What is RBTI Analysis?
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